Episode 73

Getting and Using Customer Feedback for Smart Growth

John Li - Pickfu
May 1, 2019
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My guest today is John Li, co-founder of Pickfu.  John is a really sharp dude, with a very unique service.  A service that started as a side project and became a standalone business sort of on accident…more on that in the episode.

Pickfu is a consumer feedback tool that allows you to get real customer feedback in minutes.  This has driven insights into product page enhancements, better product imagery, better ads, better Amazon listings and more.  

In this episode, we dive into some of the top learnings John and his team have gained from the myriad of tests run on their platform.  Some are quite surprising. I’m confident that you’ll take away a few things you need to test or change to improve your sales on and off Amazon.  Here’s a highlight of what we cover:

  • Surprising learnings from testing images and how your biases might be hurting your results on and off Amazon.
  • 3 keys to better descriptions on your Amazon listings that consistently outperform the norm.
  • How to find out what features and benefits a customer is really buying when they buy your product so you can highlight those features and benefits in your ads.  
  • How there are probably some things that you think are “good enough” that are probably costing you sales.  
  • How to properly run a test and how to ask consumers good questions.  If you ask bad questions, you’ll get bad feedback…the kind that’s unhelpful and not actionable.
  • Plus more!
  • If you are interested in Checking out PickFu Click Here

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