Episode 100

eCommerce Predictions for 2020 from Top Guests

Top Guests
December 23, 2019
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For our 100th episode we wanted to do something different. Rather than one guest, we invited 6 of our most popular guests we’ve ever had on the show. Since we’re wrapping up 2019, we decided to ask these super smart eComm pros what their top predictions were for 2020. They did NOT disappoint. We cover some GREAT predictions including:

  • How and why some merchants will shift some of their focus away from Amazon (we’re already seeing this with Nike).
  • How merchants will shift their video strategy in 2020 (will we go short form or long form?)
  • Why “profitability” may be the focus rather than scale in 2020
  • How SEO is shifting away from traditional keywords in 2020
  • How automation is working (and how it doesn’t replace everything)
  • How new privacy laws and policies will make things harder (and easier) for marketers
  • Plus more!

Ezra Firestone - Founder at Smart Marketer and Zipify Apps and Zipify Pages and CEO at BOOM by Cindy Joseph







Smart Marketer - eCommerce Courses by Ezra Firestone

Zipify Apps by Smart Marketer

Zipify Pages - eCommerce Plugins for Online Stores - Shopify App Store

BOOM by Cindy Joseph
Carousel Ads for Stories - Instagram for Business
DHH (@dhh) - Twitter
Blue Ribbon Mastermind - Smart Marketer
Josh Whiteman

Mike Stelzner - CEO at Social Media Examiner and Founder at Social Media Marketing World 






Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

Social Media Marketing World - Social Media’s Mega Conference!

Social Media Marketing Podcast - Social Media Examiner

Molly Pittman - Digital Marketer, International Speaker, and Co-Host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast



Perpetual Traffic Podcast Archives - DigitalMarketer

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) - Facebook Ads Help Center

Train My Traffic Person with Molly Pittman - Smart Marketer

Ralph Burns - CEO at Tier 11



Tier 11 - Grow Your Business with Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Ads Accelerator Main Event - Tier 11

Perpetual Traffic Podcast

 Tier 11


Perpetual Traffic Podcast Episode 202 - Merging the Worlds of Facebook, Google, and Amazon Advertising with Brett Curry

Facebook Policies - Facebook

Visualping - #1 Website Change Detection, Monitoring, and Alerts

Russ Henneberry - Founder at theCLIKK.com






Traffic & Conversion Summit - March 31 - April 2, 2020 in San Diego, CA

eCommerce Evolution Podcast - Episode 32 with Russ Henneberry

REI Co-op - Outdoor Clothing, Gear, and Footwear from Top Brands

Andrew Youderian - Founder at eCommerceFuel





The eCommerceFuel Podcast - Advice for Independent Store Owners

eCommerceFuel Forum

2019 State of the Merchant Report - eCommerceFuel

The Llama Commerce Show - Demystifying eCommerce into Actionable Bites

The Llama Commerce Show - 10 eCommerce Companies to Watch featuring Andrew Youderian

eCommerce Evolution Podcast - Episode 81 with Andrew Youderian

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