Episode 80

Building Long Term Growth and Profitability with SEO for eCommerce

Brandi Johnston - OMG Commerce
July 10, 2019
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As some of you may know, my very first foray into online marketing was in the crazy world of SEO. That was circa 2004. After creating some wins for an online print shop I was hooked on SEO. In the early days of OMG Commerce, SEO was our bread and butter. Now it’s still an important channel, but as Google has become more of a pay-to-play environment, more companies come to us wanting help with ads. But…ignoring SEO is a mistake. The best, biggest and enduring eCommerce companies have an SEO strategy and they execute it. My guest on the podcast today is one of the very first OMG Commerce employees, Brandi Johnston. She runs our SEO department and works with Amazon organic optimization.

In this episode we cover a host of practical tips and insights related to SEO including:

  • How SEO has changed since 2013 and what that means for us today.
  • What are the easiest SEO wins merchants should focus on?
  • What are some SEO wins that take a little more work but still pay off in the long run?
  • What is a rel=canonical tag and a cross-domain rel=canonical tag and could we get any nerdier?
  • What is a zombie page and how doe they impact SEO results?
  • What are the top SEO tools, blogs and extensions to consider?
  • Plus more!

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