Episode 26

B2B eCommerce Trends

Darren Sepanek & Carrie Weidenbach - E7 Solutions
August 9, 2017
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B2B eCommerce is poised to explode in the coming months.  In fact, Forrester predicts that B2b eCommerce will be twice the size of B2C eCommerce by 2020.   If you are a B2B company or if you’re a service provider working with B2B companies, or if you just want to see how B2B will shape eCommerce – this episode is important to you.

In this episode I’m honored to welcome two veterans of eCommerce – Darren Sepanek and Carrie Weidenbach.  Darren joined the Magento team in 2010

and helped launch and run the worldwide Magento Partner Network.  Carrie

has been in the eCommerce industry for 12 years and has served in both COO and Director of Project management

roles launching over 20 large eCommerce site builds annually.

They are both now at E7 Solutions and work with the OROCommerce Platform (Co-founded by Yoav Kutner the co-

founder of Magento) to build custom B2B eCommerce solutions.

In this episode, we cover some really important B2B eCommerce Topics including:

– What is OROCommerce, who’s behind it and why should B2B companies consider it.

– How has B2C eCommerce shopping experiences (from Amazon and others) shaped B2B expectations?

– How important is Mobile to B2B?

– How “commodity” products can really benefit from new eComm trends.

– How re-order and subscription models are impacting B2B

– Plus more!

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