Episode 90

4 Lessons from the First Business Lead at Amazon Seller Central

Brad Moss - Product Labs
September 25, 2019
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To date, this was one of my favorite episodes to record.  Partially because I love Amazon and love hearing behind the scenes stories from people who’ve worked there.  Brad does share a couple of great stories.

Mostly I love this interview because the advice shared is pure gold.  Brad Moss has a unique perspective on business and growth. At Amazon he served as the first business lead over all of Seller Central.  To say he’s had the inside scoop on seller central would be a gross understatement.  

I met Brad at an event in Miami.  When I found out he was a former Amazonian I was eager to find out a few things – 1. A good Jeff Bezos story.  2. What is was like to work there. The stories he told when we met and the stories told on this episode did not disappoint!  

In this episode we cover some pretty powerful lessons including:

  • How Amazon thinks about and deals with areas of the business that stop growing.  As you might guess, they don’t have warm and fuzzy sentiments here.
  • How Amazon looks at analytics…this is truly brilliant.  Understand how Amazon decides what data to measure, and what to change to get better results.  This is part of the key to Amazon’s speed and their ability to scale successfully.
  • Two mindset shifts that Amazon looks for in their employees that will help instantly make you a better entrepreneur.
  • A few funny (and potentially painful stories) about how little Amazon celebrates successes.  These stories underscore the Bezos mantra that “it’s always day one.”
  • Top mistakes Brad sees Amazon sellers making and how to avoid them.
  • Plus more!

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