Live Bearded is a Beard Grooming and Beard Care company. Their mission is to create great grooming products and provide empowering content to encourage their customers to “do better” everyday. They believe in providing an unreal customer experience, selling the highest quality products possible, and standing behind everything we sell with a no questions asked lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee!

The Challenge/Opportunity

Live Bearded hired OMG Commerce to scale their Google Ads account. Specifically, Live Bearded wanted to improve performance for their Google Search and Shopping campaigns and expand with YouTube advertising.

The Approach

Our team at OMG Commerce started by fixing some nagging conversion tracking issues to provide accurate performance data.  We then reworked and rebuilt Search, Shopping, and Remarketing campaigns.

Previously, Live Bearded had not been able to run YouTube ads profitably.  Our team was able to consult with Live Bearded to get their video assets ready for YouTube.  We were then able to target bearded YouTube users who needed and wanted a little help with their beard care.

We’ve made big strides with Google and YouTube ads with the help of OMG Commerce. We love working with them and view the team at OMG like an extension of our Live Bearded team.

Anthony Mink

Co-Founder, Live Bearded

Month Over Month Growth

Revenue Increase
Spend Growth

The Results

Since starting with OMG, YouTube has successfully started reaching new shoppers and has become a profitable channel for the first time. Growth with YouTube and Google ads has resulted in a 65% increase in conversions and a 78% increase in revenue.