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Our Mission
: Accelerating our client’s growth through world-class online marketing that drives measurable results.
Our Vision:
Accelerating individual, team and client growth through transparency, vulnerability, and accountability.
Culture Values:
Fun, Care, & Constant Improvement

Who we’re looking for

You have a great chance of being a good fit if you are a creatively minded and self-motivated communicator who thrives on organization, process facilitation, and collaboration. We love working with Creative Project Managers who blend intelligence and heart, who are antsy to collaborate with creative teams to make assets that impact our clients’ ad campaigns.

Creative Project Managers work as a liaison between the creative department, the client team and the client. They need to understand OMG services enough to strategize with the client team, discuss how creatives fit into that overall strategy, and guide the creative team through the creative/approval process. They don’t build or manage the creative assets and campaigns, but develop an understanding to partner with the AM to produce strategic creative assets that will help accelerate client growth.

This position is not dependent on location and can be local to the office (with fully remote, hybrid, or in-office options available) or remote. Check out our company page for a glimpse into our world!

Creative Project Managers are integral to keeping various projects on track, on time and on budget. They do this through organization, communication with creative team, clients and internal team, as well as adhering to the guidelines of each stage of the creative process. Activities include preparing the team for client calls, developing trusting, professional relationships with creative team and client team, organizing resources (internal and external) for max productivity, auditing adherence to strategic creative plan, and facilitating creative team, client team and client collaboration for strategic creative development.

At OMG, only the inquisitive survive. The ability to ask the right questions and keep up on the latest trends in strategic creative assets will ensure the success of the creative team and ultimately OMG’s clients. This unique mix of right brain (relationship building and management) and left brain (strategic creative asset development and analysis) skills makes Creative Project  Managers very special people. The ability to collaboratively connect with clients, creative team and client teams, and be able translate that into internal success is an accomplishment that only the best can achieve. Creative Project  Managers are integral to the creative process.

The ideal candidate

Google & Amazon Ads: Experience with paid search advertising is not required. You are not expected to run ad campaigns (those are run by our account specialists). However, you need to know Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, and the rest of our services well enough to be able to see how strategic creative assets fit into the overall strategy to meet a client’s goals. We provide comprehensive training to set you up for success!

Client Management: The core of your job is relationship building. You need to be a person that cares deeply about helping businesses succeed. That means managing expectations, being clear in your communication, and being willing to coach clients and creative teams on best practices. You also need to be comfortable with challenging conversations and have the ability to diffuse tense situations and the foresight to navigate around potential pitfalls.

Marketing Strategy: Your job is to learn about the client’s goals and understand what they sell, who they sell to, etc. And then, facilitate collaboration with the creative team, client team and the client to guide them towards the most strategic creative assets that help their ad campaigns become as profitable as possible. 

Problem Solving: A cardinal sin at our company is asking someone a question you could have answered yourself. We need people who are willing to “use their brains” and don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to figure it out. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here to support you, we are. But you’re expected to hurdle problems, not allow them to get in your way.

Successful Creative Project Manager personality profile:

Motivated by communication and creative projects. You are likely a skilled, pragmatic enforcer whose focus on achievement and success can help those around you accomplish goals. You are a team player who understands that creative assets are collaborative and subjective. You can express your opinions but also be flexible enough to let someone else’s idea be the final plan. You are the group project organizer who let’s everyone collaborate but then hands out the assignments and follows up to make sure the project is done on time. Your determination and confidence make you a strong leader.

Important personality traits: 

  • Persuasive
  • Creative
  • Confident
  • Direct
  • Transparent

What energizes you:

  • A finished project
  • Finding the right piece to the puzzle
  • Challenges
  • Professional & personal growth
  • Teamwork & winning

Make sure you’re comfortable with:

  • Camera on for video calls and responsive Slack discussions.
  • Virtual communication.
  • All job offers start with a 90-day initial period to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.

Salary, benefits, & onboarding

The starting salary for this full-time role is $40,000, with a growth rate dependent on the growth of the Creative Department. We offer a boatload of benefits including unlimited PTO, 100% employer-paid group health insurance, vision & dental insurance, 401(k) matching, guaranteed compensation increases, and more.

During onboarding, Creative Project Managers start out by going through approximately 4-6 weeks of training (depending on prior knowledge/experience) which includes general OMG training, position specific process and communications training, joining creative office hours and strategic planning meetings, shadowing associated roles, and training on the specific video ad campaigns and video types.

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